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Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

Welcome Teams,

Thank you to all that took the time to attend the Kick off meeting.  I now have the team registration working,  see above in the menu items select team registration and it should work fine i have tested it.

For those that were not able to attend still please register your team above,  there will be lots of emails sent out and I will provide a contact list for all of you to use as soon as I can.  It looks like we may have team interest in the squirt division so if you have a squirt team and would like to participate please contact me.  

DO NOT REGISTER NOW FOR AAU IT WILL EXPIRE ON AUGUST 15 AND YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!!! This season all registration will happen on the AAUsports.org web site.  On August 15th the Coach or manager should log in and pay for there membership.  once it is approved you will be notified,  Log back in and create your club.  Once you have a club number, give that to your players parents and other coaches and instruct them to go to the AAUsports.org web site and get there membership.

This year there is suppose to be a button for HOCKEY NASH,  Select that button and complete the membership.  if the players enter the club number you gave them you will be able to see them on your list.

I will have more downloads available soon for how to complete your roster and also how to score a game.

As always we will offer every division and every age group. We are excited about our expansion into new markets and areas, This will make Playoffs and States more exciting as we add teams around the state of Michigan. 

We also have FACEBOOK Pages. please visit them and join.

Good luck to all of our teams and see you soon.

Letter for Refs

Hello Teams,

I have prepaired a letter for you to use with the refs either prior to the game. My hope is that it will end some of the issues that teams have and are having with refs wanting to claim this is a different game. Please use it. Remember, in the spring do not use scoresheets from USA hockey organizations for your AAU games.

Referee Letter